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Antec 900 902 1200 front fan mount bracket

Antec 900 902 1200 front fan mount bracket

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The original Antec fan brackets only have a circular opening for the fan's airflow and nothing more, and are also designed with the original Antec adjustable speed fan in mind with the mount for the adjustment knob built in. Since most fans now are controlled directly from the motherboard instead of getting full power from a molex connector straight from the PSU, I decided to design the bracket to just allow a simple 120mm fan to bolt on from the back side, and then reuse the orginal Antec front grills mounted to the front of it. The original fan brackets are also known to break where the screws thread in to mount the fans to them, and this eliminates that mounting method.

The end result leaves the intake side front of the fan completely exposed, so any RGB lighting will be unobstructed. The only downside to this is that it's getting rid of the original intake fan filters. But if you're clever enough you could very easily rig up some sort of filter between the grill and the fan.

The fan mounts to the bracket with 4 fan screws (which new 120mm fans should come with), and the grills then mount to the bracket with the original small black screws. Then the assembly can just be slid into the front of the case and mounted with the original thumb screws or any other drive bay screws.

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