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Beyerdynamic Slider replacement

Beyerdynamic Slider replacement

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Guaranteed more robust than the ones you are already attempting to replace. Should be compatible with the following headphones: DT 790 / DT 797 / DT 770 / DT 770 PRO / DT 770 PRO HT / DT 880 / DT 880 PRO / DT 880 PRO HT / DT 990 / DT 990 PRO / HS 200 Dyn / HS 200 Rotor / HS 200 Trend / HS 400 / MMX 300 This make is only a replacement for the cover, not the actual slider mechanism. Engineered to provide a perfect fit for your headphones, these sliders are made with top quality materials and offer increased durability compared to your old ones. Compatible with a variety of Beyerdynamic headphones, including the DT series and HS 200 models, this replacement cover is designed to keep your headphones looking and functioning like new. The perfect solution for those in need of a sturdy and reliable replacement.


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