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Dactyl Manuform GX16

Dactyl Manuform GX16

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This is an adaptation of the standard 5x6 Dactyl Manuform case, which includes the following modifications. GX16 aviation connector replaces RJ9 Easy rear mounting point for mini tactile push button switch (no more drilling holes just to have an external reset switch) Angled entry point for Pro Micro mount (easier to slide the microcontroller in) Internal "wiring guide" nubbins removed from underside of case MX switch holes now have smooth edges instead of nubs (which interfered with installation of Kailh switches) Removed key travel obstacles from thumb cluster area Heat set insert wells deepened (so plastic doesn't ooze up into the threads) Weird sliver of open space between Pro Micro mount and case wall filled in Fixed a lot of doubled vertices and generally weird geometry in the original STL file New case bottom to match edge profile of new connector area Case bottom height is now 2mm instead of 1.5mm to improve rigidity Unlock the full potential of your keyboard with the Dactyl Manuform GX16. This upgraded design offers numerous benefits, including an aviation connector that replaces the RJ9 and an angled entry point for easy Pro Micro mount. With internal "wiring guide" nubbins removed, smooth edges for switch holes, and key travel obstacles eliminated from the thumb cluster area, this case is specifically designed to enhance your typing experience. Plus, the heat set insert wells have been deepened to prevent plastic from entering the threads, and any leftover space has been filled in for a clean, professional finish. Say goodbye to doubled vertices and weird geometry with the new STL file and improved case bottom height of 2mm for added stability. Upgrade to the Dactyl Manuform GX16 for a seamless and superior typing experience.


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