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Gameboy Advance Maintenance Mount

Gameboy Advance Maintenance Mount

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This stand comes in handy to repair or mod Gameboy Advance handheld consoles.

Repairs usually require taking apart the whole system, which can be challenging to put back together.

When placing the device face down on a flat surface, the buttons and silicon pads are pushed up, which means that you have to hold things in place as you are screwing everything together.

Using this stand, the frame holds the device in place, and the buttons are left "floating", allowing for a nice maintenance/modding/repair experience.

It may not be required for anyone looking to do a bit of occasional cleaning of their console, but if you are looking into repairing a lot of them or doing some modding, it can be pretty convenient.

Also, you will be less likely to scratch the plastic screen cover, as it will not touch any surface.
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