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Q Snap frame insert for Lowery stand

Q Snap frame insert for Lowery stand

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An insert to grip a Q Snap frame into a side clamp of a Lowery stand. Holds frame securely without drooping or losing fabric tension. One 27mm version is for use with a Grime Guard and One 25mm version to use without. The top piece is used with either. This also allows the use of the stand to be positioned in the front of you rather than having to use it from the side. Improve your stitching experience with a Q Snap frame insert for your Lowery stand. This durable insert keeps your fabric tension secure, preventing any drooping. The 27mm version is compatible with a Grime Guard, while the 25mm version allows for use without one. Both versions can be used with the top piece, which allows you to position the stand in front of you for easier use. Say goodbye to awkward stitching angles and hello to a more comfortable stitching experience with this Q Snap frame insert.


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