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For Quest 3 - DAS Adapter

For Quest 3 - DAS Adapter

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This is a Quest 3 and Vive Deluxe audio strap adaptor. It allows for usage of the Vive DAS on the Quest 3 and has room for cables.

The link cable will need to be attached to the headset backwards. I'll look at creating a variant that has a clip to assist with link cable routing and a smaller clip for helping guide the audio cable.

You will need a 1 inch wide Velcro strap to connect the DAS Strap adapter and the Quest 3 center strap rod.

There are 2 options for audio cable routing, One is to just get a extension cable and the second is to reroute the cable through the DAS to the other side. This supports both. 


Quest 3 Not Included.

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