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Valve Index Wallmount: secure headset and controllers

Valve Index Wallmount: secure headset and controllers

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I created this out of a need to have a means to quickly dock and retrieve my headset and controllers at my desk, while still keeping it secure. The design keeps the mount, hmd, and controllers close to the wall because I didn't want it to stick out very far. Controllers can be easily grabbed or stored by placing hands naturally into them, even with your headset on.

The slotted docking mechanism prevents the headset from being able to twist off the mount or be accidentally knocked off. HMD lenses are also protected from light and dust due to the mount's orientation.

There are slots to allow for regular or magnetic chargers to be run through the mount to charge the controllers.

The mount has 4 M4-6 screw holes, and a vanity cover to hide them for aesthetics. Assembly includes slotting the two mount halves together with two printed joints and screwing into your wall with appropriate screws. By Nuehado.

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