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ZSA Moonlander tent kit

ZSA Moonlander tent kit

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A tenting kit for the ZSA Moonlander keyboard that allows the thumb cluster to remain level or tilted upward. There are two variants, the lower tenting angle is 19 degrees (slightly higher than the highest tenting level with the default tenting legs that come with the Moonlander) and the high variant has an angle of 29 degrees. This one attaches to the bottom of the keyboard using the mounting bracket on the bottom of the keyboard with 4 M2.6x8 screws. The main advantage of this is a flat bottom surface which is easier to attach non-stick rubber pads to prevent movement of the keyboard (other leg-based kits tend to slide around in my experience) as well as the ability to remove the tenting legs entirely for a cleaner look. Elevate your typing experience with the ZSA Moonlander tent kit. This carefully designed keyboard accessory provides the perfect balance of customization and stability, with two variants offering angles of 19 and 29 degrees for the thumb cluster. By attaching directly to the bottom of the keyboard, it eliminates any sliding or movement on your desk, and even allows for non-stick rubber pads to be added for extra grip. Plus, the sleek design allows for the tenting legs to be removed for a seamless and professional look. Make the most out of your typing with the ZSA Moonlander tent kit.


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